Monday, January 2, 2012


We were invited to some friend's home for a New Years Eve party.  We ended the new year with games, laughter food and of course watching the ball drop with Dick Clark.

I kissed my husband at midnight and wondered what 2012 would bring for us...
I'm a worrier and I have to admit I didn't entirely look to the future brimming with confidence but I am hopeful!

It was an odd New Year because the boys were elsewhere...
Not only where they elsewhere Josh was doing the driving and I was nervous...
Its a hard thing to let go...not because I don't trust my son because I do...because of the idiots who drink and drive
It didn't help that we were celebrating with a fireman, who after finding out I was nervous about my kids being out an about on their own, made the causal observation that the national statistics for drunk drivers on New Years is 1 in 3- drivers are drunk...

Thankfully, we all made it home and were tucked into our beds by 1 am
and up again at 6:30 am to do some skiing...

I was seriously questioning this decision at 6:30 am because I was TIRED!
But I began feeling better about things when we saw this...

The wind had been howling all the way up the mountain and I was worried that the weather would be miserably cold but as soon as we turned to the south side of the mountain everything calmed down

If you were on FB yesterday you probably noticed I posted just a few times how great it was... Fresh snow and sunshine!  It totally made it worth getting up for!

I wished more than once that I had my camera with me.  The views were amazing! That is Jefferson and the 3 Sisters off to the South.

Yes, Josh was with us but never when I had my phone out taking pictures :(

It was a great way to begin the year.  Just the family and a mountain full of snow and sunshine :)
Here's hoping 2012 is a good year!

Happy New Year!


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  1. I am enjoying your new format. Looks like your year started off great! I'd love to catch a moment to take a walk or something before I start back to school on the 10th. It will be a great year! I'm deciding so!