Thursday, January 12, 2012

FLS - Book club

 Last night was book club at Renee's house.  The first thing I noticed was the maple bars...I have no control when there is a maple bar within reach...I called dibs and then felt selfish when the other "ladies" (of which I apparently am not) waited demurely to see if anyone else wanted their choice of donut...noticing this and fearing for my reputation I gallantly cut my maple bar in half (huge sacrifice! But admittedly the right thing to do for many reasons!) placing the other half back on the plate.  However, I'm jumping ahead and that was on a very small part of our lovely book club evening...
 First of all Suzanne looking up at me asked "why are you so tall!?" or something along those lines to which I replied (looking down) "its not so great when you are the towering giant in every picture!" She quickly found a step ladder, climbed up and we posed for this picture being the same height :)  (love ya!)

 Yummy food + wonderful friends = the perfect book club!

Judy found a friend above the fireplace :)

Sorry about these pictures ladies but since this is my blog and I obviously didn't take the pictures and only about 6 people read I decided to share these not so glamorous shots :)  I noticed I seem to have some sort of effect (affect?) on people seated near me last night as I revealed the next book?  Apparently I'm terribly funny :)  Enough said....

 And yes, I'm very confident at this point in life that I have picked a memorable book for our next read!  I have never read it and as I stated last night for some reason picking the book this time stressed me out (what if they don't like it!) So in desperation I searched the shelves of Powell's and for whatever reason settled for this one (it was in the literature section.) 

Seconds, after revealing the book I heard the first comment, "There aren't any paragraphs!" and then I casually commented that yes after purchasing said book I did read online that there is a certain lack of punctuation in the book...I can't imagine why I would have been drawn to such a thing?


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  1. LOL Shelly!!! Made my morning with this post... :) Loved everything about it!

    Can you upload these pics to Costco for me or email to me? I will need them for "the book" ;)

    Have a fabulous day!