Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family Time

Last night was magical...

 After seeing snowflakes for days with zero accumulation it finally happened.  It started to pile up after dark.
 The weathermen were clear that it would be transitioning to rain rather quickly the next morning

 So we headed out at 11 pm...
 As all 5 of us (Ella said NO THANKYOU!) walked down our snowy, quiet streets I just felt so thankful that we have been spending more time together.  The boys are getting along better and they are old enough that Jeff and I are the ones that have to keep up.  No longer are there limitations to what our boys can do and with their active social calendars our time together is more and more precious to me!

On our first walk I whined a bit about not bringing my camera.  So after our first walk we headed out for a second adventure at about 11:30.  They boys stayed home this time and since I was reasonably sure there wouldn't be school the next day I didn't shoo them to bed.
I guess while Jeff and I had taken the car to take pictures Josh decided to hop on his mountain bike and track us down :)  Thankfully he wore protective eye wear! :)

We finally returned home at 12:30 and made hot drinks and continued to look out the window.  We were all too excited and we realized that the morning would sadly bring rain...

But it was lovely while it lasted...

Happy Snow Day!


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  1. What wonderful memories you make with your family.