Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So it's finals week around here.
For Ty it is his first finals week and he told me last night that he was stressed. While I did try to comfort him I don't really feel sorry for is a normal part of life and...its good for him :)
Josh seems to be taking these tests seriously as well.  I like to see my kiddos working.  I hope it pays off :)

So for the next three days the boys will be taking tests in the various subjects they have been learning since August and then next week we begin 2nd semester...

Half the school year is already gone!

Josh is well into his basketball season and so far the Kodiaks are undefeated! His offense is still weak but he does very well on defense all those years of swatting away soccer balls seems to have helped him in basketball.

Check out his wing span...

I begin teaching another class at CAA next week and on Feb 6 I begin my third Masters I've been enjoying a break for a few weeks trying to squeeze in time for picture taking, reading and cooking for my boys (nothing makes them happier than a hot meal)

This is the look I get from my boy when I show up to take a picture of him... :)

My favorite pic of Jeff right now...

It generated a few laughs when I posted it on FB.  For those of who don't know we had a unplanned fire drill right in the middle of church. It turns out a 2 year old in his grandpa's arms is taking the blame for it...that's Jeff's story and he's sticking to it! :)
Things I'm looking forward to today

1. My last "day off" because next week I will have classes to teach 5 days a week
2.  Getting a hair cut and that Tyler is getting a hair cut!
3.  Book club tonight!!!!!!!!!

I sincerely hope you have things you are looking forward to today :)


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