Friday, August 2, 2013

iphone pics

I absolutely LOVE my iphone camera...
I'm amazed and dismayed how great these cameras are and how anybody anywhere can look like an amazing photographer just by clicking their phone camera and then adding a filter or two from instagram and wala you look like a pro...
But beside that it is an awesome way to document your life - and let me tell you my life is EXCITING these days! ;p

PUMPKINS!!!!!!!!!!! I have the biggest most gorgeous pumpkins I have ever grown this year!  I am mildly concerned that they are already turning orange in that a problem?  I don't know it just seems too soon...I should look it up.

My tomatoes are coming on! And they are delicious! I only get a few a day and we usually gobble them up immediately and I mean immediately often I don't even get them into the kitchen before I have devoured them.  I LOVE THEM!

I went shopping with my mom the other day and we went to the coolest furniture store! The had a huge range of items including an obstetric table and confession booth! Of course if you needed a dining room table or couch they had that as well :)

Probably about 8 years ago we planted our grapes...
And for those years it has grown and has the most gorgeous shinny leafy vines that grow and grow...
However, noticeably absent have been grapes...
Until this year!
We have about 3 cluster!
I'm still doubtful as to their quality but it is exciting!

As a result of being home and outside in the yard so much I have found a deepening friendship developing with my sweet Teddy Rose...She faithfully helps me water as long as I promise to water her on the hot days :)

Two of my nieces stopped by the other evening and we began playing imaginary beauty salon and then of course we had to take pictures :) handing my camera to my sweet 4 year old niece would have been scary no matter how much I adore her! Handing her my iphone was less scary :)  About 400 pictures and these are the best two :)
Love them so much!

Photo Credit: Paige Ritz

 Photo credit:  Payton Ritz

Another super cool thing about the iphone camera is the availability! On a bike ride no problem you just whip it out and tada you have documented your sweaty red face forever more :)


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