Thursday, December 12, 2013

Online Shopping - I'm in love!

I'm loving the cold weather :)
I probably wouldn't be if my furnace broke - which has happened to one of my friends..
Or my water line froze and burst - which happened to another friend...
But thankfully all systems are go and the only thing I have worried about is how high our electric bill will be this month!

Nothing looks better with Christmas lights then snow!

I have discovered the joy of online shopping!
I have done 99.9% of my Christmas shopping online this year!

There are several reasons I love this.

1. I don't have to get dressed
2. I don't have to find parking
3. They always have the size/color I want
4. Price comparison is much easier
5. They deliver it to my door!
6. And perhaps best of all - everything comes in boxes! Easy for wrapping!

I may never go to a mall again...


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