Monday, October 4, 2010


So my boy and a couple of his friends began a "starbursts chain" in 7th grade.  That was not quiet 4 years ago...
That began a ritual of bringing your friend a large bag of starburst to every party they attend and adding to this chain.  As you can see it has grown and grown.
 I'm very impressed with the commitment they have made to this chain.  The fact that it has stayed with them all these years....I'm not impressed with the remnants of starbursts wrappers I find EVERYWHERE after each party

This bag Is full of starbursts and probably weighs 6 or 7 lbs!
 This past weekend we celebrated Josh's 16th birthday, which doesn't officially happen until tomorrow.  I will talk more about that on tomorrows blog.  Right now I'm intrigued by this "starbursts chain". I have never seen so many starbursts in one place! It will take a life time to fold all of these wrappers! Well, maybe not a life time...Its amazing what they can accomplish when they have the right motivation...
  Josh said years ago that he wanted to enter his chain into the Guinness World Book of Records...I wonder how long it would have to be?  I should research that...And I should invest in more dental floss...


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