Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Do List

Yea it's my "day off" and it looks like it will be the last gorgeous fall day we will have in awhile.  These last several days have been gorgeous and I have been stuck inside:(  I will try to make certain to have some time outside today!

I have found that I accomplish so much more with a "to do" list so here it is for today

  1. Download soccer pictures for the school yearbook
  2. Choose two soccer pics for the alumni newsletter
  3. Buy 18 pumpkin pies and 5 pumpkins...
  4. Grade 31, 6 page tests (1st quarter ends on Friday)
  5. Make reading list for 2nd quarter
  6. Buy dividers for binders
  7. Return sweater to Eddie Bauer - maybe find something else :)
  8. Look for new black shoes...
  9. Sweep my floor...the dust bunnies are taking over...
  10. Take some pictures outside of the beautiful fall
  11. Call and make vet appointments for Teddy and Ella
  12. Call and schedule Josh's wisdom teeth removal
  13. Call and schedule my dentist appointment :(
  14. Meet with a parent
  15. Order those bifocals - sigh
  16. Buy milk
  17. Read more of that stupid "Great Expectations" book...
  18. Go to Book Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a chance to enjoy this beautiful fall day!



  1. How did you do on that list? It was long!! Hope your day went well.

  2. I did good. Except the school planning... ;) It really does help to make a list and it feels amazing!