Thursday, October 7, 2010

Extreme Soccer Mom

I honestly am not getting tired of soccer.  Which is amazing since I'm averaging about 3 games a a spectator that is.  More specifically as a soccer mom.  But this week, today that is, we head to Walla Walla for Fall Classic. 

Fall Classic is a soccer/volleyball tournament hosted by WWU.  Its the big time for our small school.  Roughly 15ish teams play in the soccer tournament.  Schools from the NW as well as CA, FL, and Canada travel to WW to compete.

Last year was my first year as a Mom at Fall Classic and to put it simply, I loved it!  The games were intense, our guys did so well and as I've written before it is a joy to be part of this group of soccer parents.

This is a picture of my very favorite nephew and my least favorite brother-in-law (just kidding ;) They, along with Jeff, are demonstrating the proper attire  for Sat nights game.   Last year it was super cold!  I'm packing my long undies this year!

 I love this picture of Josh!
I love this picture of Jake and Josh...They just look so committed to the committed to being there for each other..I love it!

Last year the Kodiaks finished 4th overall. 
 I haven't forgotten about Ty..or my other team the Mustangs..
 Last night I was on the sidelines cheering him on.  He had a game at OES last night.  They have a fancy turf field
The weather was perfect.  I'm looking forward to having my guys on the same soccer team next year!

So we head to Walla Walla today.  First game is at 4 the next game is at 7:30.  Then Friday morning we play at 10am.  There will be more games on Friday depending on how we do in our first three games...then we will finish up with a game on Sat night! 

If your counting that will make at least 7 if not more games we will have cheered at this week!  If that doesn't make an extreme soccer mom I don't know what does!

Go Kodiaks!


PS - I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog tomorrow...if not I'll catch you up on Monday...

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