Monday, October 11, 2010

Kodiak Attack!

Awesome weekend! Our team did such a good job!  They played so hard and with so much heart it would be impossible to not be inspired by their spirit and determination!

 Real or not there is a long, long standing "rivalry" between CAA and PAA.  They are the bigger school across the river and because they are the bigger school they have certain...advantages shall we say, that a smaller school does not have available to them.

Having taught at both schools I really do try to encourage the rivalry to go away but there is no way to move it when our teams are up against each other...

Last year at Fall Classic our team, the Kodiaks, played amazingly well.  They won every game except one and then found themselves in the position of playing for 3rd or 4th place against PAA Sat night.  Last year we ended in 4th place.

This year was setting up to be the same scenario.  We easily won our first 3 games.  In fact poor Josh felt like he hadn't done anything because the other teams just weren't getting any shots on goal.
Again we found ourselves playing Puget Sound and again we lost but this time just 1-0. This was heart-breaking for the team.  If they had won that game they would have been able to play for 1st place...maybe next year.  So we found ourselves in the position to play PAA for 3rd or 4th again...

But "we", the team and the parents/fans on the sidelines were determined to have a different outcome.

Let me just pause to say that it is nerve wracking to be sitting on the sidelines watching a game.  As a parent I believe I wanted this win for my son as badly as he did, and in the game of soccer it can be won or lost in the fading seconds of a game.  I only relax when we have a two point lead...  When we scored that first goal I was so excited! Then the second, I started to breathe easier, but the second goal was followed by a third and fourth goal!

Unlike last year, this year, we won! We won in a big way.  We shut them down :) 4-0!  The fans on the sidelines were just as excited and proud as the team was.  I'm so grateful that we could be there with the team.

So another Fall Classic is in the books and I'm already looking forward to next year.

I'm a proud Kodiak Moma :)


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  1. What a fun weekend. Thanks for the great pictures!! As always, they are amazing!