Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Expectations

I survived my sickness!  All better! Man that was a drag!

I'm happily breathing through both nostrils and the cough that made me sound like a seal dying on the beach has subsided.

So yesterday I did what I always do the day I decided I'm over my sickness, I cleaned like a madwoman.  I figure there are germs laying about and I must destroy them...That and the fact that when I'm sick nothing gets done...

I also made some serious progress in the book "Great Expectations"  I'm actually starting to like it...Here are some observations~

  • I feel I can relate to Pip and his feeling of wanting more out of life that what he was born into.  That's the American Dream right?
  • I don't understand why this was awakened in him after a visit to a creepy old woman's house?  Why is it that seeing her dark, cobwebbed, cake rotting interior and meeting the oh so snotty Estelle does he suddenly want a better them?
  • Who is his mysterious benefactor? Is it Mrs. Havesham? I wonder if it isn't the escaped convict in the bog that he stole the file for?
  • Will becoming a gentlemen and coming into his fortune change him into a better or worse person?
  • Ultimately will his "great expectations" be met or disappointed?
  • Why do there have to be so many extra and unnecessary words in this book?
So if you've read the book I would love to have your thoughts on the matter..but don't spoil the ending :)

In other matters of my life I'm feeling slightly abused because I have to go into work today.  Let me explain...I'm part time...which means I get paid part time, I don't have benefits, I don't receive subsidy and there are other things that happen along the way of which I'm excluded because of my PT status.  However, meetings are scheduled on days I don't work and then I go in and put in my hours as if I'm FT....However, on the bright side I am looking forward to hanging out with my colleagues as a group.  I haven't had much chance to do that.

I hope you have an amazing day!


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