Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caught in the Middle...

Thank you to Jill for letting me know that some of you hang in there with me :)

So I have a dilemma...
Banquets - What are your memories of high school banquets?

As a Student-
I remember my Freshman year no one had asked me to the Spring banquet
I wanted to go
I wanted someone to ask me
Some sweet guy finally worked up the nerve
I think we said two words to each other all evening
Of course there were other banquets with other boys and they were all fun in their own ways

It was an excuse to buy a new dress, if you could afford it.
It was fun to see how the SA had decorated or which restaurant they were taking us to
It felt very grown up...

As a teacher-

I have been to WAY too many banquets.
Banquets are a real challenge
-VERY limited budget,
-Limited budget means your location choices are VERY narrow
-You have a vegetarian menu - which 9 times out of 10 means pasta
 -You have to entertain teenagers
-Enforcing the dress code
-Tomorrow I get to explain to girls for the umpteenth time nothing should be hanging out from the top or the bottom...

As a parent-

I love that my boys have worked up the courage to ask some lovely ladies to the banquet.
I love that the fuss and primp
I love that they pay for the girls
I love that they pick out corsages
I love that they have the opportunity to act like gentlemen and treat the girls like they are worth something

As the middle guy parent/faculty

- I worry about putting on a quality program for the kids
- I wonder if the time for banquets have come and gone...
-I worry about the additional financial stress an event like this puts on homes (we are charging 23. per student the same as last year.  It is costing us 29. per student plus transportation costs)
-I worry that the food, venue, photographer, entertainment will/won't work out
-I realize it is impossible to make everyone happy.  There will be plenty of negative comments after the event which is always a bit hard to swallow given the challenges faced with the event.
-I wonder if my date will try to kiss me ;p



  1. I love your blog and I love you and your dedication to all the people that are privileged to be part of your life and the many responsibilities that you have. You are an amazing woman and I am very proud to be your mother.

  2. How can your date resist you???

    I loved banquets. I think the kids will have fun NO matter what.

    and don't listen to the negative people. 9 time out of 10 they are negative no matter what.

  3. I have great memories of going to banquets. I agree with Suzanne - don't listen to the negative stuff unless there's something constructive in there. The kids will have a wonderful time even if they forget to say thanks for all your hard work!