Thursday, November 17, 2011


So, I mentioned before that we don't take many trips to the ED.  I believe the last time we took Josh was 7 years ago when he got horribly sick in a hotel room in northern Ca.

I remember several ER trips when I was a kid.  Between my brother and I we kept my poor Mom in the waiting room for hours...

The last time I took Tyler to the ER it was at least 8 years ago and it turned out to be a false alarm when the urgent care Dr. thought he saw a bowel obstruction on the x-ray 

My last trip to the ER was almost 2 years ago and I don't remember much...Giardia

Jeff's last trip to the ER was 11 years ago with a lovely kidney stone...

My point being,
We don't get hurt around here much.
I feel so bad for Josh...and a little for me!
It's exhausting hauling his back pack, carrying everything, opening doors, helping him dress, dishing his plate, its like I have a GIANT toddler again :)
But back to Josh...he is not happy.  He doesn't like to be slowed down but he is being a trooper.  Tonight we did the ice bath then warm water treatment.  The swelling just keeps getting bigger which means I'm not doing a good mommy job of making sure he keeps ice on it...
His boss at CAA owns a wheel chair and has offered to bring it to school so he can wheel around in it and give his arms and one good leg a break.
Sure makes you appreciate having two good legs!


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