Thursday, November 17, 2011


Flashlight Literary Society (Judy's home)

So thankful that last night was book club night.  They don't come often enough!  Judy was our fabulous host and as always her table decorations blew us away.  Suzanne and I just picked up our cameras and started shooting...Judy had to remind us that we should eat at some point...

 The book was set in Prague during WWII and the main character was an artist.  Judy found these cool art supplies and created the most beautiful table.

She even found a way to write the character names on her beautiful glasses! Nice touch!

 The food was amazing!  It is obvious that our "book club" is also a "food club" :)
 We all gave the Lost Wife thumbs up but if you read it brace yourself for the ending...we all decided it was "lacking"

The reveal!  Tanna was super excited to reveal her book choice.  A brand new book from her favorite author!  Complete with a bookmark and a snowflake...

Judy pointed out that this was our 30th (!!!) book club!
Judy thanks for opening your wonderful home...
thanks for the yummy food...
thanks for the lovely evening...

I love book club!


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  1. Book club nights are the best. I LOVE the food, friendship, and fun we all have together. Love your photos, you have such a great eye Shelly. Thanks for coming to the workout this am. I am already sore :)