Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegas Baby...

My thoughts on Las Vegas...

1.  I went about 13 years ago with my friend Jo and I left thinking "that was interesting to see but I don't need to go again"

2.  When my husband announced his conference was in LV I decided I didn't want to be left home.

3.  Vegas is a very interesting place...always something new to see...I had to wonder about the guy this what his mother had envisioned for her baby son when she held him?

4.  We were both happy with our room.  A very nice room.  I could stand in the shower and see this view :) I failed to take a picture of the room and the beautiful bathroom.  I also failed to take a night picture the lights were lovely.  That is the Bellagio next door.  President Obama was there while we were there

5.  I enjoyed walking around with my camera

6.  Vegas is all about the artificial, illusions, bluff...interesting to see but if you've been to the real Eiffel Tower, the real NY city its just not the same...

7.  The very best part of the trip where the two shows we saw!

8.  Unfortunately they don't allow cameras! We were in the FRONT ROW of Cirque Du Soleil "O" show.  It was breathtaking! I loved every second of it.  Amazing what the human body can do!  I would love to go see more of their shows!

9.  The next night Jeff's boss and his wife took us to see the Blue Man Group.  Which was completely different from the night before but still very entertaining!  Jeff managed to get pulled into the show which resulted in a "Blue Man" spitting candy into Jeff's hand...

10.  In really enjoyed my pool time.  It was wonderful to lay by the pool and feel the warm sun on my skin!  Life is CRAZY now and to be able to hit the pause button for three days was wonderful!


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