Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boys will break your heart...

I'm missing my boy and he's not missing me.

This are text message exchange for the  past two days


Me> Hey what are u doing today?

Josh> I cleared yard debris, chopped firewood, demolished a floor, built a floor myself, started sheet rocking a ceiling, and took a shower

(I was thrilled with the above response!)

Me> Cool sounds like u made a difference today :) are you enjoying it?

Josh> Sure...

Me> Is it pretty there?

Josh> Yes


Me> Hi! tell me about your day

Josh> I woke up and did work

Me>It would just be nice if you would communicate with me.  I miss you...

Josh> Well that's what we did...

And that's it... that's all I could get out of him.

Jeff says he's pulling away and becoming more independent.  I say he's clear across the country that's plenty of independence and he could at least text his mother once a day with some details.

Jeff had a late meeting so Tyler and I went to see Footloose.  When we sat down he sat down with one seat between us.  I asked him why.  He said he didn't want to sit next to me...




  1. I'm sorry Shelly. I'm sending my empathy your way. Raising kids is lame sometimes. I have to admit to wanting to fast forward to their mid 20s when they might like me again. Was footloose good? I really liked the original.

  2. That is a HOOT!! And here I thought you saved it for me!!! LOL!!!< Shan