Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Field Trip

I had an adventure today. 

Portland has been "occupied"

I'm sure you have heard about this movement.
I was curious and wanted to go downtown and have a look around at the "occupation"
My Mom and I headed down to Chapman park and walked around and through the camps.
Reading signs declaring "No President 2012" and "If you lived here you'd be home by now" and "Where is my bailout?"

These are not my pictures.  I wish I had brought my camera.  The camp is a maze of tents covered in blue tarps tied to the trees of the once lush green park.  What little grass is not covered by tents has been covered by straw in an effort to keep the mud at bay.  The path which cuts at an angle through the park is for the most part clear.  Except the random street "musician" and performers.
They seem to be very organized They have a kitchen complete with a serving line and dish washing station.  I saw tents that were set up as library, medic station, donation station, volunteer stations, taro card reading, massages...
Signs are posted as you enter the park listing expectations of the people who are there.

There were some interesting characters and I did smell some illegal smells as I walked through.

But mostly I noticed things to be organized. 
Democracy in action perhaps...
Is this what it takes to get the government to listen to the people?
Are these truly the 99%?
Do they have a valid point?
Is this passion, commitment, honest?
Or is it rebellion, dangerous, irresponsible?

Our countries foundations began with "radical" people and ideas.
Has our government lost touch with the people?
How do we effect change?
Is it better to sit on our couches and complain about the government?
Or go out pitch a tent, write on cardboard and try to be heard?

On another note, while I was wondering around downtown I had an individual inform me today that Jesus Christ loves me.
I smiled and said "yes, I know, thanks" and walked on.
But then passed him again and he again said "Do you really know that Jesus Christ loves you?"
And again I smiled and said "yes, I really do"
Then he said "Then why are you practicing sorcery?"


Time for me to head back home...



  1. Oh my!! I laughed out loud literally at the sorcery comment - too funny! Almost makes me miss working downtown. Great to see you today!

  2. You should have said, "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!!!" LOL!! That would have freaked him out! Shan