Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Classic 2011

Fall Classic 2011

I really look forward to Fall Classic.  This is my third year and in typical fashion I was already thinking about the future when I no longer have Kodiaks on the team and how sad that day will be...

But for now I'm the proud momma of two Kodiaks and that's the way I like it!

Tyler, bless his heart, is a freshman and only played in one game so he spent most of his time on the bench.  But when he played he was fierce and shot on goal and ran the ball down and made us proud! I was also proud that he had an awesome attitude about being on the bench so much.  Never complained.

Joshua being the keeper is always in the game.  He flails around trying to catch the ball...

 Sometimes he just jumps on top of people...

No matter what his approach is ....he never lets that ball go in the net...except on the rare occasion it does...

The boy gets himself in funny positions!

It makes me very, very nervous when he's on the ground and the other team is still shooting for the goal.  I'm so thankful in the all the years of keeping he has never had a cleat to the face!

One of my favorite traditions is the "clap line"  After every single game the parents, friends, family line up on the far side of the field and begin clapping and then the Kodiaks charge across the field and give us all a high five.  So fun!

When I'm rich I'm getting prettier teeth...

Awwww! I think he likes me! :)

Team captains with their 4th place plaque.
Kodiaks also earned the sportsmanship award.  Which is saying something because it seems the better the soccer the team the less sportsmanship we see. 

So proud of our Kodiaks! Grrrrrrrr!


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  1. Love your pics Shelly. Love that you can enjoy this with your boys! Proud of them for getting the sportsmanship award and for placing 4th overall! Awesome!