Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check, Check, Check....

  • This week I've attended both music programs 
  • I've organized and orchestrated 120 students + 17 adults + 17 kids + Santa Clause = fun Christmas Party
  • I've accomplished some more Christmas shopping (so close to the end..)
  • I've accomplished most of the wrapping...
  • I've managed to do some teaching...
  • I turned the old soggy bananas into yummy banana bread
  • Received my Christmas cards in the mail via Shutterfly

I still haven't
  • Planned the menu for Christmas and the large number of people who will be dinning with us
  • Made fudge (note to self...make fudge ASAP)
  • Move fudge making to the top of my to do list
  • Mailed Christmas cards
  • Finish teaching a bunch of squirrely teenagers that checked out last week
  • There are many other things on my to do list but I'm tired of thinking about it...

The good news is it's only Wednesday...
The bad news is it's Wednesday...


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