Friday, December 17, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins...

I have a Drs appointment this morning...
They are going to draw blood and check my vitamin D levels, cholesterol and all those
other things they have to check on women of a certain age...

I had the other oh so special examine last week and my Dr recommended Vitamin D

The last time I took vitamins on a regular basis I was pregnant with Tyler
I took those lovely Prenatal Vitamins

I had fabulous hair
My nails were amazing
I glowed...

Was it the pregnancy...
or the vitamins?

Since the pregnancy left me with stretch marks and
several unwanted pounds...
The vitamins didn't leave anything bad behind...

I'm gonna go with the vitamins

So I went to the store and purchased some Vitamin D and some prenatal vitamins
Why not?  I'm gonna give it a whirl..

So if you are over and you see prenatal vitamins on my counter
don't jump to any conclusions... ;)


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