Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Princess Bride

If you have never seen The Princess Bride, stop reading this blog and go watch it now!  I'm serious! 
It is a Classic tale of True Love and High Adventure...

There are very few, in fact only one, movies that I have any desire to see more than once...
I seriously could not begin to count how many times I have seen PB

The movie has it all!  Giants, Sicilians, Spaniards, Albinos, Pirates, Princesses, Kings, ROUS', Lightening Sand, Cliffs of Insanity the Pit of Despair with "the machine"!  Sea monsters, kidnapping, escape, sword fights, 6 fingered men...
But most of all it has "True Love"

Westly is so handsome and Buttercup is the perfect Princess...

Yes, its corny people!  That's the point!

It has great lines like;
"You wart hog faced buffoon!
"you miserable vomitous mass!
and the oh so classic
But let's not leave out
"Get back witch! I'm not a witch I'm your wife!"

All handy when you want to DEesculate an argument with a significant other (try it it works, probably only if you both understand the context, so again if you haven't seen it...go!)

I remember the very first time I saw PB
It was playing at a theater in WW while I was in college, dating Jeff
It was a double feature...
Top Gun and Princess Bride
We went to see Top Gun...
We went back 3 more times to see PB!

To keep that in perspective
we were in college...
we had little time and even less $$$

But we kept going back...Not for Tom Cruise
but for Westly and Buttercup...

Many years after first seeing the movie
And after I had seen the movie probably, 20 times
I discovered there was a book!

I never, ever, read a book after I've seen the movie..
I just can't do it...

However, I LOVED this book!  It added so much more to the movie!
So, now you have two things to do...
Go see the movie and read the book!

Merry Christmas! 


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