Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A White Wedding

This weekend some beautiful people had a beautiful wedding...
There last name is White now...
Get it White Wedding :)
After the vows, and the kiss the walked out to Billy Idol's song...
Love it!

It was so fun!
Especially because our sons are friends...

Which means these goofy boys got all dressed up and looked sharp!

Yes, ladies we are all that!

However, I did have the most handsome man in the room at my side!

 The bride was gorgeous!  And she seemed VERY happy!

Yes, that would be my son dancing with Alix and Jacob...
He's very popular on the dance floor :)

Ty was thrilled to have a reason to wear a tie...(insert sarcastic tone)
He was completely annoyed with me when I told him that yes, he had to tuck in his shirt
And leave it tucked in all night...

I'm wearing heels in this picture!  I'm surrounded by tall men and I love it!

Thankfully there are no pictures of Jeff and I dancing...
I hope...

I'm so happy for our friends! 

Let's hear it for True Love!


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  1. Hear, hear for true love. Great tie in to the Princess Bride :)