Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

1.  Christmas is over - why is it the day after Christmas I want nothing to do with Christmas?  The days before I was tempted by the Christmasy items in the store.  But now that they are 70% off they hold no appeal what so ever.  Christmas is over! Let's move on!

2.  Christmas is over - What?  Already?  All that anticipation?  All that waiting? How did that happen?

3.  I have discovered that nun bowling is really, really fun! I'm sad that this is not my own game.  I want one!

4.  New Years is coming - Who cares?  Never really got into this "holiday" and I'm getting to old to stay up that late!

5.  Next week school starts again - this is good if you are a parent....

6.  The weatherman is saying it might snow tomorrow...the weathermen always break my heart!

7.  Tyler has a new electric guitar, I'm proud of him for saving his $$$ and I'm thankful to friends and family who gave him $$$ for Christmas so he could get it.  I'm not excited about going to sleep to the sound or waking up to it...  Anybody want to donate for a sound proof studio out back?

8.  I am seriously considering spending $200 on a class at the gym.  Yes, it's a weight loss challenge.  I'm competitive, it might be the motivation I need...but $200????

9.  The Thursday before Christmas I became the not so proud owner of a gold fish....I have a hard time choosing wisely during white elephant games....Thankfully 2 min later it was taken from me...

10.  That same evening my son became a pirate....

11.  My husbands GRANDPARENTS came for Christmas...They are amazing! Ty is their youngest Great-grandchild at 13.

12.  In Feb they will celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't even fathom that!

13.  Christmas is over....another year in the record books...I hope you had a good one!


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