Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Day

First of all thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging as we have gone through this
frustrating time of Jeff looking for a job!

You are all amazing!!!

Today is the day of Jeff's fourth and final (I hope!) interview for a position at Children's Clinic

His itinerary:

7:30-9:00  Executive Committee Meeting - this is where he will present a presentation and then it will be open to discussion etc.  -
9:00-9:30  Meeting with former Administrator
9:30-10:30 Meeting with Administrative Team
10:30-11:00 Meet to discuss QA projects and clinical goals for 2011
11:00-11:30 Meeting with Tech MD's
11:30-12:00 Tour
12:00-12:45 light lunch
12:45 -1:15 travel to second clinic
1:15-2:00 light lunch with Tualitin physicians  (yes, he gets two "light lunches")
2:00-2:30 Tualitin tour
3:30-4:00 Debrief and Questions with Dr/President

6:30  Dinner with Jeff, his wife Wendy and 5 Drs........

His wife Wendy???????????????????????????

What am I gonna do with the new outfit I bought?!
Oh well, I was nervous about the meal anyway...
I'll let her go instead...

I swear I've been called my more names other than my own...

Oh well, Jeff assures me there is no Wendy...

But there is a Jasmine...
and she is fabulous!
She is also known as StarFlour Baking...

She whipped up vanilla scones for Jeff to take tomorrow
Fortunately, I had the foresight to order some extra for us
Unfortunately I didn't order enough for me....
They are divine!

So as you can see by his schedule the poor man doesn't have time to pee let alone call his wife and
tell her how its going...
I will be stewing all day...

I'm so ready for this to be over!

Stay tuned for more updates of the drama of our life...



  1. Again you have written about very personal issues that affect you and your family in a way that is informative and humorous but still conveys the emotions that are all wrapped up in the situation. By the way, do you still have the t-shirt you made for PAA? You could wear that tonight.

  2. So glad I could offer a little git of relief in an otherwise stressful day! You'll do great 'Wendy'!

  3. Love this post. Franna is so right, you've got knack for hitting the sweet spot with these. Very cool.

    This is so great! For the longest time I've been trying NOT to call you "Wendy"! The whole world loves a Wendy. Now when you're coming to our house, I can ask, "When will Wendy wend our way?" And my wife can say, "Wait for when Wendy wills and wants." Ooo, the fun.

    But seriously, you will both do great. Jeff is just the awesome and they're going to see that (or they're too foolish to work for, anyway). You will be charming, as always, and all will be well.

  4. Oh, my funny friend! I love it! But I also know how stressful today (and this evening) have been for both of you (and probably the boys too, although I'm sure they wouldn't let on about that). It's 9 p.m. in Georgia, so that must mean you are about to embark on your enjoyable dinner. They won't be able to resist you simply being you. Enjoy! And we'll be looking forward to hearing how it goes!