Friday, February 18, 2011

Goodbye House-husband

This week has been crazy...
And I've had Jeff's help
What in the world am I gonna do when he leaves me next week?

That's the problem with being spoiled
it never lasts long enough :p

This week we have had basketball games 2 nights
skiing one day

Talent Show tryouts two days after school
One night of practicing with the lady Kodiaks (help I'm having a heart attack!)
Indoor Soccer one night (just driving and cheering thankfully)
3 days of teaching, grading, prepping (yes, part time is nice)

Ty's guitar lesson in Portland (Jeff took him, thanks Babe)
1 day of going in on my "day off" to deliver hand decorated cookies for Vday

They were yummy!

Today, Josh has an eye appointment and he's leaving for Big Lake for the weekend
Ty has a birthday party this weekend
I'm telling the children's story - don't know what I'm doing yet...better figure that out!
Jeff is teaching as usual and leading tours of the free health clinic he has helped establish (proud of him!)
Sat night we are kid less and may drive north an hour or so to cheer the Kodiaks on as they continue down the playoff road...

I'm really enjoying teaching at Columbia...
I enjoy the kids so much...
I'm excited because next week is Academy Day and Tyler will be there!  Hard to believe!

I'm excited that Jeff is going back to work, but it will be an adjustment...
It was an adjustment to get use to having him around so much...
and now its gonna be weird that he will be gone so much...

Have a great weekend!


  1. p.s. your awesome son Ty is going to play guitar for my Emma at the talent show... and this mom is thankful for boys like yours who are so willing to share their talents. :)