Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy VDay! ;)

I've never been a big fan of this day...
Mostly because it shows up the day after Christmas in the stores and I just can't take the thought of another holiday so soon after the Christmas tsunami!

When I was in high school I had a boyfriend (not Jeff) who had his mom bring my carnations and balloons on VDay, because he was in WW for some reason...

I later found out the reason was a she....

I've told both my boys that carnations are never to be given to a girl...
If you can't afford anything nicer than just skip it!

Friday I came home to these lovelies...

Then on Saturday these showed up at my door...

Ohhhh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truer words were never spoken!

The sticker covered the rest of it, it says "Hide behind large furniture..."

Chocolate covered strawberries!!!!!!!!!!  Hello!  remember my obsession with strawberry kabobs this summer...

Yes, VDay has turned out very nice for me...
and I sincerely hope it does for you as well!

I have a book of Love Letters, I love to read them, I love the way people used to write their feelings on paper.  I will share one with you...consider it my valentine to you ;)

"I gave my life to you
as soon as I saw you"
-Marianna Alconforado, a nun to the Count of St Leger
( I love that she's a nun! I'm guessing these feeling were frowned upon)

" A something in your eyes, and voice, you possess in a degree more persuasive than any woman I ever saw, read, or heard of...that bewitching sort of nameless excellence."
-Laurence to Eliza 1767
(Isn't that just how we want our men to see us?)

"My love for you tonight is so deep and tender that it seems to be outside myself as well.  I am fast shut up like a little lake in the embrace of some big  mountains.  If you were to climb up the mountains, you would see me down below, deep and shining - and quite fathomless, my dear.  You might drop your heart into me and you'd never hear it touch bottom.  I love you - I love you - Goodnight.  Oh, Bogey, what it is to love like this!"
-Kathrine to John 1918

And finally...

"Where? When" How Much?
-Prince de Joinville, aristocrat French adventurer, to Rachel Felix, an actress, circa 1840, on seeing her for the first time.
"Your place.
-Her reply


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  1. Happy Valentine's Shelly!

    This will go down as one of the best ever!
    So happy that you guys can truly celebrate this year!