Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

1. So, Jeff said he believed he could not have done better during his day of interviewing. 
2.  He said his presentation went "great" and he felt sharp and on his game for the entire day
3.  I told him, I never doubted him for a minute!
4.  I was very nervous on our way to dinner with the Drs. But once it began we laughed about the Wendy snafu and dinner turned out very nice.  Several of them have traveled and I was relieved to have something in common with them.  Easy conversations, friendly ,warm Drs...My husband told me "I behaved very well"
5. I decided to take it as a compliment...
6.  Jeff was told at the end of his day on Friday, that today the Executive Committee would meet to make a recommendation to the board.
7.  The board meets on the 14th to make the final decision...
8.  Another long week of waiting...
9.  Was called "Wendy" several times by my smart alec friends!
10.  We had friends over all day on Saturday
11.  Sunday played flag football and cheered the Packers on...
12.  Didn't care in the slightest who won the Superbowl...

Here's a bit of irony...3 years ago Jeff went through a similar interview process before being offered a position at CCA.  By similar process I mean, several interviews and a long tedious wait.  The difference being he was securely employed at that time and was just looking for a change....
Anyway, he was offered the job at CCA on Feb 14.....(see #7)


Maybe Valentine's Day will turn out to be Jeff's lucky day in more than one way.... ;)

Here are some football pics

Girl Power!!

Proof that I was there and played! 
Tough to be photographer and be photographed ;)

AKA Wendy

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