Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Caffeine is not my friend

I don't like coffee
never have
So with the birth of Starbucks and the
frequent invites of
"lets meet at Starbucks"
I had to find something other than hot chocolate to drink

So I found Chai
I love Chai
nonfat, nowater, vanilla chai...

Then I found Big Train Chai to have
at home...

The problem is, it seems I'm rather sensitive to caffeine
even one cup a day and I seem to be

Yesterday I didn't have a chai...

I've had a raging headache since 4pm
all night long,
this morning...

It makes me mad!
I'm not drinking 3 cups a day...
I just want one
but I hate being so dependant!

Trader Joe's use to sell a decaf that I liked
then they suddenly, without any warning,



1 comment:

  1. Caffeine headaches are the worst! I love Chai too.