Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A list

This week...

I played volleyball Sunday and Monday :)

This week is SWOP at CAA...
Which means it is Student Week of Prayer.  All week our kids are getting up front and sharing a message from their hearts to their piers.  Pray for them!

Today, I teach my first real, non snow day, non late start, non guest speaker, class.  I hope to get something done!

I also have about 5 bball players that have been out of class for a week because of the state tournament and coordinating with them to make up late work will be oh so fun!

Tomorrow Ty gets braces on! Then he goes back to school then we drive to Portland for guitar lessons

Friday is dress rehearsal for CAA's talent show...help me!

Friday I'm to do the worship for Anchor Cafe aka a bunch a squirrely earliteens...
earliteens don't hold still
earliteens don't listen
I usually avoid earliteens at all cost if there are more than 3 of them at a time...

Ty aka "superfryrockstar"  is performing in 3 acts at his talent show on Sat night.  He is nervous but I can't wait to hear him!

Sunday is CAA's talent show, which I am in charge of...
There is no doubt there is plenty of talent what I am having doubts about are
- will the back drop get done?
-will the lighting work out and how do we set it up?
-will the sound work out and how do we set that up?
-How do I convince 2 of my 3 judges that they can't quit!
-What do we do about an emcee?
-What font to use on the programs
-How many chairs do we set up
-Will anyone come?
-What essential things have I completely forgotten about and will remember when its too late?

Thanks for letting me vent :)


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