Monday, March 7, 2011


A night out with a great bunch of friends.

It was decided right after Jeff got his job that we needed to celebrate!
After all the months of stress and worry and asking "did he get that job" we just wanted to go have fun!
So we decided the best place in Portland to celebrate would be a Moroccan restaurant

Something exotic...
Something different...
Something with belly dancers...

In addition, John and Judy were celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary!  Very nice of Judy to get John such great seats near the belly dancer :)  That's how you keep things spicy in a relationship! ;)

Jeff got comfy right away..

We all decided to take "kissing pictures"  Not sure why now... ;)

The evening begins with the hand washing, we place our hands on a silver basin and our waiter pours warm scented rose water over our hands

Clean hands are important because there is no silverware or individual plates provided

Eating with your fingers can be challenging!

Happy anniversary!

The food was amazing, the friends so fun! and the belly dancers entertaining!  I laughed until tears rolled down my face watching John trying to tuck that dollar bill into the belly dancers waist band....

The 5 course meal ends with dessert (don't remember the name) and mint tea

The tea is amazing!

If your looking for something different in Portland some time I definitely recommend Marrakesh.  But make reservations! It is one popular place!


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  1. Looks like it was a fabulous time. I love how in love you and Jeff are. It's so obvious! I was just telling Jake that people who get together in high school don't usually end up successfully married. His response was - unless you're Jeff and Shelly. *grin