Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Passion 2

So I've decided this is passion week...
As usual I think of a good idea just after it would have been perfect timing (Vday)
Oh, well...

Yesterday I shared my passion for books
Today, my passion for photography...

When I was in high school I was given a 35mm Pentax camera
I loved it!
I didn't love never knowing if my picture had turned out
and I really didn't love having to wait for development...
I remember how expensive 1 hr photo was and how I would try to scrap together enough to pay for it...
But I do remember the thrill when I captured a great shot!

If I'd only known the miracle of digital was coming...

This fall I will have had my Nikon D90 for 3 years!  I love it! It has made me a very happy photographer!

I take a lot of scenery..

I also had the opportunity to shoot a wedding

I also do some sports photography...

Some, "oh isn't that cute", photography...

But, if I had my choice I would spend my life doing travel photography..

Happy Tuesday...



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pictures! They are all amazing! (Except the pig heads. *grins) Can I hire you to be my personal photographer on the Inca Trail?

  2. The pig head was for you Jill and YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your photographs(even the pig heads for the simple fact that you took the picture in the first place)!
    Your photographs are so full of emotion! You are an inspiration to me :)

  4. I stole the first one as my new wallpaper. Wow. Good stuff.

  5. Very nice. But where is the pictures of me and Galen? Rude. :-(