Friday, March 4, 2011

Passion - 5

Of course my biggest passion of all is my family...
It started with two kids who fell hard for each other

Then eventually decided they would try parenting

Then worked up the courage to complete the picture with baby #2

22 years later this is what you get :)

I love, love, love my family!

I'm so very grateful to be married to an awesome man!
I'm so very grateful to have two handsome, intelligent, healthy boys
I'm so grateful for my extended family as well...
I consider many of my friends family too...

I feel so very blessed to have the love of people in my life

Very soon my boys (who are both taller than me now!) Will be leaving me for school and families of their own (I'm choking up as I type!)
I look forward to adding to the family some day...
far down the road...
I just want to keep them around for awhile longer...


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