Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Passion - 3


Of course, no surprise that traveling is one of my passions.
When I was small, I started dreaming about traveling...
I had a spoon collection...
I had a post card collection..

While Rob Lowe and Michael Jackson were on my wall,
Most of my walls had posters of far away places I hoped to visit one day...

I took my first real trip while in college.  I was engaged to Jeff who had taken off to work in Florida for the summer. I flew out to visit him.  I saw the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf coast, I felt humidity for the first time (little did I know...)I was so excited! (my how things change!)

I've written about my travel passion before so I will keep this short.  I'll just show some pics..
I love that my passions, books ( love to read about traveling), photography (love to take pictures while traveling) and then traveing, all go together ;)

Yosemite Valley, Ca.

Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

Eiffel at night

Shopping for pasta in Rome

Shopping for a castle Loire Valley, France

Washington D.C.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall, Germany

Dream come true....Prague, Czech Republic

Aushwitz, Poland
Bryce Canyon

Budapest, Hungary

Trejillo, Peru

Cuzco, Peru

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  1. I think it's awesome that you have been able to experience so many places. The pictures are fabulous and I'm sure the memories are even better!