Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovin Fall

I don't know why but pumpkins make me really, really happy! I love them! I cannot explain to you how excited I was to look out on my baby garden and see my two big pumpkins turning orange! So exciting!!!

See how easy it is to make me happy?

Teddy's always happy! When ever I need a pick me up she is there with a smile. Love her! Isn't she the cutest Golden every!

Back to my pumpkins. Gorgeous! I don't care if there are only two large pumpkins I'm thrilled with them!

Besides my miniature pumpkin plant is really putting them out! These are the first 4 that I have picked. There are probably close to 10 more on the plant. I'm waiting for them to get "oranger" before I pluck them from the vine.

Jeff and I actually were able to pick several things from our garden this weekend! Jalapenos are doing the best. We have a ton of green peppers. They are smaller than usual but they are yummy!

And yes! We have some red tomatoes. Long wait for these guys but they are even tastier because there are so precious few!

Next to pumpkins and smiling Golden Retrievers, flowers are high on the list for pick me ups! I took several pictures of what's blooming in my yard right now.

Dahlias! Love them! These are bigger than my outstretched hand!

Cocosmos...or something like that. I never remember their name but I love them!

Hydrangea with a black/yellow bee doing his job.

I love this! I love seeing the leaves change. Such a gorgeous time of year!

Ella on patrol in the garden. I wish she would get those darn gofers!

I found another cherry tomato! So yummy!

Then I found a second one! Oh, the excitement! They always hide in the deep dark recesses of the bush. Behind all the green ones. So its like a treasure hunt to find one!

For the first time in my life my fuchsia has lived the entire summer! I think they are gorgeous and always buy one in the spring and it is usually dead by July.

Did I mention pumpkins make me happy?

My wish for my few friends/relatives (thanks mom!) that take the time to read my little blog, is that you find something that makes you happy today!



  1. You make me happy and reading your blog makes me happy so that's two things!

  2. Reading your blog makes me happy too. Even when you aren't feeling happy, it's still good!
    Snuggles with my littlest makes me happy today too.

  3. I love your pics... it inspires me to keep shooting.