Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A list

1.  I'm anxiously awaiting my Nordstrom delivery...they didn't have my size in stock...

2.  Today I have 31 tests to grade...

3.  Sat night I played basketball.  Sunday afternoon I played 2 hrs of volleyball.  2 more hours of volleyball Monday night.

4.  Last night I sat in the recliner and watched missed episodes of my shows...

5.  I think I pulled a "groin muscle"...never done that before...

6.  My husband got into big trouble when my class was here Sat.  He decided it was funny to read  what my high school boyfriend wrote in my yearbook, to everyone in the room...I didn't think it was funny

7.  My oldest is "celebrating" his 5 month anniversary with his girlfriend...

8.  My youngest is 13 and very much into being a teenager...I want my baby back!

9.  My Mom is in DC this week enjoying the cherry blossoms and I wish I was there too

10. I bought a book about garden planting and was thrilled to find out there are many things I should plant now!

11.  We are shopping for a garden tiller and I couldn't be more excited!

12.  I'm ready for some sunshine that lasts for more than a few hours!



  1. LOVE the cherry blossoms - Oh my goodness - that's a gorgeous picture! What should we be planting?? Share with me please! I want to plant too. Love the pretty flowers. *happy

  2. Poptatoes, carrots, peas and onions!

  3. Thanks! I know what I will be doing this weekend!