Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dreams Come True

Tyler is spending a week in Ohio...a State that has eluded me...he thinks its great that he is in a State his Mom hasn't been to.
He worked hard and saved up his pennies for a plane ticket and our wonderful friends the Drakes offered to take the kid on his dream trip - Cedar Point and Kings Island amusement parks.  Yesterday he finally made it to Cedar Point and from what I can tell from his text messages it was

A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!

Look at that face!
Could he be any happier?

I'm so glad he is getting to do something he wanted to do so badly...
I'm thankful for technology that allows me to see pictures of him doing it...

Front Row! I think he should be wearing goggles for eye protection... :p

I've been told today is a rest and recovery day...
Because Thursday they are headed to Kings Island for another day of roller coaster riding...

Glad he's having fun but I miss the kid!


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