Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday - Random/learning


Have you played the card game Mao?
I don't like it...but I think I could love it...

Let me explain-

When you begin playing no one tells you the rules
What makes things much MUCH worse is you are not allowed to speak...if you do they throw a card at you...every single time you open your mouth...

For someone who seeks understanding through questioning this is torturous!

You are supposed to sit, quietly, and watch and figure out the rules...
And once you figure out the rules...a new one is added!

Whoever wins the round gets to make up and add a rule and without telling anyone, instigates the rule and if you don't get it you get a card tossed your way (object: get rid of cards first)

The other night Josh had made up a rule and I didn't get it-what made things worse is that all three of the Fry guys understood- resulting in me feeling very stupid...not a good thing.

What this game has taught me about myself is:

-I don't really like to be quiet

-I don't like to be the butt of a joke                            

-I want to be told the rules

-I'm not the most observant person

-I don't like to lose

But probably most importantly --

--I need to be willing to be vulnerable in order to learn


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