Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday - FLS Recap

So I'll be playing a bit of catch up with my blog.  A few weeks ago before my paper was due and before I had finished my school responsibilities and I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest-- it was FLS night. 
Regardless of my deadlines/responsibilities I would NEVER miss book club night!
Miss Jenny Ermshar hosted this month and it was delightful!

 My friend Tanna has developed a caffeine problem...keep her in your prayers... :D

 Yummy food! Loved the Red/white/blue theme! One of the funnest parts of book club is checking out the table when you arrive. The food is such a temptation that I have to yell at people to NOT TOUCH THE FOOD until I can take a picture or two...(some people get grouchy!) 

Each of the ladies have such amazing talents and the tables always look so cool-connecting with the book in some way-and the food is always AMAZING!
 Gorgeous flowers! The book "Thunder and Rain" main character was a Texas Ranger who basically rescues a damsel in distress.  A sweet love story.
 Good Friends + Good Food + Good Books to Discuss = Fantastic Evening!
 The Flash Light Literary Society

Next book Heaven is Here...I quickly read it and oh my! It is a story of inspiration!


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