Thursday, June 21, 2012

FLS - Heaven is Here

Last night was book club night :)

Over a month ago Melissa revealed this book -

I ripped through the book. I was inspired and awed at Stephanie Nielson's strength and courage in the face of unimaginable pain (physical and emotional).

Now after waiting weeks and weeks it was FINALLY time for FLS to meet again :)

"Juanita" was the hostess with the mostest! Opening her lovely home and providing yummy food to go along with all our laughing, talking and (at times) inappropriateness :)


I brought my tripod along to get a group picture.  We always have pictures of the 9 of us with someone switching out to take the picture.  I was excited about this.  So excited that I forgot to check the settings on my new wide angle appears the auto focus was off :(

However, even thought they are blurry I have to show them and explain...

Suzanne needed a little extra encouragement to get just the right smile on her face so Melissa's sweet dog helped her out :)

If you notice in this picture as in all pictures I take with girlfriends I am the tallest, usually by a head or more.  I hate this when taking pictures and it is well known within our FLS group. 

After this picture I told them they all had to stand up straight! NO SLOUCHING!

Tanna decided to conspire against me and whispered that they should all crouch down, resulting in -

Tanna happens to whisper loudly and I'm very observant so in my hurry to get from behind the camera and in the line up and crouch down with them Jenny sat on me and I fell over completely...

It cracks me up to look at this picture and see how the left side looks so well behaved while the right side...not so much!

So sadly the group shots are no good.  But happily we have next month to try again...

 After Karis faked us out with "Fifty Shades of Grey" to which Suzanne and I were both traumatized by she pulled out the REAL next book choice...

Looking forward to next month!



  1. Laughed out loud for reals at Karis's joke - too funny!

  2. Oh my goodness... you are TERRIBLE! I can't believe you put the slouching shot... and then the crotch ;/
    LOVE YOU SHELLY! Made my night to read this post!