Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday - Exercise

I have a serious love/hate relationship with biking.
I love how I feel AFTER...
I HATE how I feel DURING (hills)

It's those awful moments of climbing some gigantic hill or the burn of my legs and lungs as I'm trying to keep the burning pace set by my husband that are the ingredients needed for me to bond more deeply with my husband.

I will admit to cursing his name a time or two as I realize he has led me to the base of a monster hill, but he is amazing in that he has never abandoned me, he encourages me, and cheers for me when I'm at the top.  I depend on him tremendously as we ride.

I tend to be a tad independent...and I like to think I don't need anyone...until I do...
I feel very needie when my muscles are screaming and I can't breathe and the mean voices are at full volume in my head telling me to get off my bike and walk because it's just too hard for you! You can't do it!

But during all that chaos my amazing husband is telling me I can do it and I did do it! When I have reached the top...(something I would have avoided if I was alone) I feel gratitude that this man has pushed me to a place I didn't think I could go and I feel stronger and loved and it is amazing!

I hope to grow old riding a bike behind my man...


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  1. I love your blog entries and am so glad you have more time now to do them. They show your heart in a way that posts on facebook or general conversation just don't usually do.