Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday - Photography

So, this summer I am taking a break from History and focusing on Photography...

My goals are:

1. Organize, catalogue my pictures
2. Develop my technical skills (I am so pathetic in this area!)
3. Set up a professional website complete with professional logo,pricing, ordering info
4. Take pictures :)

I have Macro lens for 10 days to see if I like it.  So I've been trying it out

 While I think it is cool to get so close and capture, texture and detail...
I don't believe I have the patience for this type of photography

I'm tempted by this lens because it is far more affordable than the wide angle lens.
But I think I'm gonna hold out for the wide angle...

Photography is a very expensive hobby...
Lots of ways to spend money...

Goal #5 - try to find a way making money doing what I love :)


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