Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Suzanne

Dear Suzanne,

You crack me up!

Last week she (Suzanne) dedicated one day of her blogging to me
I felt so honored!
It made me smile and laugh!

Suzanne is a funny, high energy, passionate, committed, inspiring woman!

However, she is not a native of the NW and has begun complaining about our sometimes drippy weather....
I have "gently" chasened her for this because nothing screams "I'm from Ca. " like someone complaining about our weather.
And all you Ca transplants need to walk carefully around here.
Can I just say "if Ca. is so great, why do you live here?"

I'll tell you why...
because its the most beautiful place to live!

And here's some proof

What natives of this lovely area realize is that without the rain, we would look like southern Ca. and let's just say it makes every drop worth it!
Who wants to live in a brown, dusty, smoggy place anyway? ;p

Besides, God made seasons, and in the winter we get rain.  That's the way God intended it and I for one am not going to complain...(except for our lack of snow, that I complain about..)

So dear Suzanne, I hope you are enjoying our glorious sunshine this week! 
Please notice how everything is so green and sparkling and yes a bit soggy, but that just gives you an
oportunity to wear those cute rubber rain boots! :)

Your friend,


P.S.  Jeff's interview went well. Just waiting for a phone call

P.S.S. - I hate waiting!

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  1. I meant to write this yesterday-I just wanted to say that you just need to be your own wonderful self and they will be very impressed with you.