Friday, January 7, 2011


So about 6 years ago my Ty guy asked for a guitar.  We were hesitant to invest in a guitar because we figured it was just a passing fancy...

Awww, man!  He's so gosh darn cute here!  Where did those 6 years go???

Turns out it has been a very good investment...

As Tyler has grown in his passion and talent for guitar the price tag has risen.  This year he had his heart set on a guitar but he new he would have to pay for it himself...

It was a happy, happy day when he picked up his new guitar!

There are many people who have helped Ty along this path.  Susan Byers, who offered free guitar lessons.  Brett Jackson (a high school kid) who taught him lessons after school.  His church and school for providing so many opportunities to play at various programs.  Parents and friends who gave him money to help him save.

This last last semester Tyler has been an aid to a 3/4th grade teacher at his school.  Instead of having him grade papers she has had him teach guitar to a few of her students.  Today they are performing their song.  Both of the parents of the kids he has taught and the teacher have gone out of their way to say how amazing Tyler is with his guitar and his teaching of these younger kids.

They have called me and come up to me and just gushed!  I can't tell you how that makes me feel as a buttons are popping! (and not just because I need to lay off the chocolate!)

Apparently this 3/4th graders just totally idolize Ty.  Whatever he says they do...  According to the teacher he is very patient and does a good job teaching.
I find it amusing because when Jeff wanted to learn a few years back Ty had no patience with him...

Anyway, I'm so excited to listen to Ty today.  I will probably have to brag some more next week about him.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!



  1. You should be a very proud Momma today! One of these day I might even have Ty teach Jimmy guitar (he is currently using a penny as a pick!) he sooo wants to be like the big guys playing guitar.

  2. Yeh Tyler!! He is a wonderful kid--and very talented!(and very cute!) You should be very proud!

  3. You know....he never did quite get the hang of coloring but what an amazing guy with a big talent. I love when "my" kids turn out as terrific as your two have.

  4. I didn't know he was teaching! That's very very cool! I love the picture shift, from a cute little boy to such a handsome young man. You do have every reason to have your buttons burst!