Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday monolouge

Patience sucks!

Yes, it's gonna be one of those blogs....

I haven't written about Jeff's job search lately because frankly it has been just too depressing!  But just to update you...
Jeff doesn't have a job....


All weekend I have been so happy because on Friday afternoon Jeff received a phone call from a recruiter...
This recruiter wanted to speak with him regarding a specific job....
A very nice, right up his alley, sort of job.

So they settled on Monday at 9am to get together and talk things over..
I have since been "patiently" waiting for Monday to arrive...
We so need good news in this area...

While I am completely enjoying the unexpected joys of having a house husband;
1.  Coming home and finding him shirtless, folding laundry
2.  He is an awesome cook
3.  I haven't gone grocery shopping for over a month now!
4.  Did I mention he does laundry??
5.  The man will do laundry!!!
6.  He gets hot doing house work so he takes his shirt off ;)  No complaints (No, he is NOT for hire!)
7.  He has washed all the windows!
8.  He is always available when I'm not
9.  He is always available to me ;)
10.  He's my best friend and I like having him around more!

Having said all that he is the bread winner and he needs a job!
Enough of this nonsense!  I'm so ready to get on with our lives
To see the future...

It has already been a V E R Y    L O N G   J O U R N E Y!
So as far as I'm concerned the waiting the "being patient" should be behind us now!

So after volleyball my husband approaches me and says "I have bad news"
Can I pause and say that I have heard this statement more times in the past year than I ever imagined!  Enough already!

Turns out it was more "frustrating" news than "bad" news.  The recruiter is having car troubles, more specifically, her window is stuck in the down position.  So because we live in the beautiful NW and it is Jan and not only does it sprinkle on us occasionally this time of year, we are expecting a MAJOR snow storm Tue night (more on that in future posts, where I plan to whine about how the weathermen have yet again led me down a road of bitter disappointment and broken my heart!)
So, because her window must return to the up position ASAP she has to postpone their appointment until Tue............

Right now I'm wishing she had a house husband that could take her car in for her!


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  1. That last sentence made me laugh! Hopefully tomorrow will go fantabulous!!