Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week

1.  Tonight Volleyball!

2.  Tue night is Ty's music program

3.  Wed morning Ty leaves on his class trip...

4.  Wed evening is Josh's program (note this will be the last time I have to go to two music programs! Next year both boys have the same schedule!)

5.  This is my last week teaching my sophomores.  I have grown to love those brats even more and I'm gonna miss having them in class next year!

6.  I have one week left to wrap things up and get them ready for the FINAL!

Ignore the is left over from the senior class auction... This is the class of 2013!

The sophomores did a play entitled "What we don't"  It was 99% dialogue and it was cool.
It had a message and they nailed it.

The message being; there are things we could do but we don't because of common sense, or more concrete reasons... and there are things we don't, for silly, and no good reasons...

While the sophomore class sat on stage and performed the rest of the school sat quietly, LISTENING, it was beautiful....

And maybe even more impressive, is that these squirrely, easily distracted, restless bunch stayed focused for the 30 min it took them to perform...

Ahhhh, they are growing up...


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