Monday, May 2, 2011


Nerds Night Out!

Yesterday was CAA's spring banquet
Ironically it also felt like spring for the first time...
More importantly, my last major event of the year as SA sponsor :)

 We used the letters and numbers on the tables to play spelling b games...
The prizes were "nerds" candy ;)
 We played pin the glasses on Einstein...
Marshmallows and toothpick structures..
Who could build a bridge, a tower, a DNA strand, an element...

 The balloons spelled E=Mc2
 My nerdy SA officers :)
 My boys had no problem dressing the part :p
 Oh baby..............I'm taking that boy home!
 Our nerdy professors put on quite a show...
 Complete with fire ball!

It was fun.
It was nerdy
It was a success!

Speaking of success...
On a much bigger note
Way to go USA! So proud of our soldiers!

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