Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This morning I got out of bed at 6:30
It was an easy decision
I woke up and it wasn't dark, it wasn't raining
It was nice to wake up to

Then I decided I would walk around the "estate" to see what was happening
I love spring

 One of my favorite things in our yard is the dogwood tree.  It is pink and white and it's fabulous!  It's not in full bloom yet, but I get so excited each spring when it comes back to life after it's long winter sleep...
 I estimate it to be about the same age of the house which means its 32 ish (jeesh even my "old" trees are younger than me!)
I'm terrified that each year it will be the last
How long do dogwoods grow?
 Gerber Daisies just make me smile...
 Those my friends, are baby raspberries!  I cannot wait to gobble those up!
 My garden is sprouting and I'm so excited!
I remember last year, the weather, the drama, (are we moving are we staying do I plant?)
 No that's not grass it's carrots
 Potatoes!  I'm really excited about the 'taters.  I've only grown 'taters once before and it was a fabulous success.  So great to pull stuff out of the garden and eat!
 My beloved wisteria is full of these fuzzy, caterpillar looking blossoms.  Very soon it will be an explosion of long flowers and fantastic scent!
 Lilacs!  I love, love lilacs! Gorgeous!
I hope your day is filled with beautiful things!
Take some time to smell the flowers!


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