Friday, May 20, 2011

Sun-- it just warms my soul

The Northwest

Many, many people don't understand why I love living in the NW so much
All they see is the rain

And yes, I admit we have a lot of rain and it gets tiresome. However, it is times like these that makes it all worth it
This weeks weather has been what we have all been waiting for
Perfect sunny mornings to wake up to
Gorgeous sunny afternoons

I'm telling you...there is no where else for me!


The majority of my garden is planted!
If you know me at all you know how thrilled I am to have my garden in!

Tonight we will plant the tomatoes and peppers
I still need to find some basil and cilantro

Yesterday I worked hard at school I didn't even have time for lunch
So I could rush out the door and head home to plant my pumpkins
It's difficult to see in the picture but I have 8 mounds in my garden

They are much closer to each other than they should be but I'm a greedy pumpkin
farmer and I'm hoping it all works out
I planted 8 different varieties and I really, really hope to see the white and blue/green pumpkins as well as the orange ones next fall!

Glimpse into a teachers day

I love working with kids...
I really do
But towards the end of a school year...I'm running out of patience

Once upon a time a student wanted to do something for a large group of fellow students
I said ok, what do you want to do and when do you want to do it?  He/she said I'm not sure...
I said ok, well think about it and get back to me...but there is only a month of school left so
it has to be quick...
This happened at least two more times...
Finally, I got the student to write down a plan, commit to a time...
I took it through the processes of approval and it was all set.

Now, let me pause to say that at CAA we really encourage student leadership.  The expectation is that the advisers are there to advise, not do all the work.  We step in when needed but led the kids lead.
What this student wanted to do shouldn't have needed any other help from me...

Now it is the day of the "event" and I get a text at 7am asking "who is picking up ***) hmmm good question, I assumed that was taken care of.  I texted back and said I'm in class I can't do it...

Flash forward to 20 min before the event
I run into student and NOTHING has been done

I'm so ready for summer vacation....


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