Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A List

1. Yesterday I finished grading the tests

2. Today I am having my last meeting with this years SA officers and my first meeting with next years SA officers. I am providing lunch.  Out with the old in with the new...This means I have to think about next year in terms of Fall Festival theme, Banquet theme and I really don't want to! I just want to feel done for awhile...

3. I have 6 classes left with my lovely Sophomores.  I have grown very attached to those buggers and I'm gonna miss teaching them next year

4.  I'm very happy to be teaching the same subject next year.  Now that I have outlined each chapter and made power points it should be much easier.

5.  Things are sprouting in my garden!  Potatoes, peas, carrots and onions are all up!

6.  I played Volleyball last night and didn't get along very well with one of the girls on my team...I found her bossy and pushy and that makes me bossy and pushy...not a good combination. But she started it!!!

7.  My youngest has a class dinner (banquet) tonight.  He does not have a date because they were told to not ask anyone.  I'm glad but I wonder who he would ask...

8.  My husband and youngest went suit shopping on Sunday.  My little man is gonna be so handsome for graduation!  I don't think I will be able to handle it!

9.  Tyler told me this funny story:  He was helping out in Mrs. Hulse's room (3&4th) and this little girl asked him why his eye brows were so bushy....then another little girl said "kelsey, that's just rude".  I laughed and asked him what he told them.  He said he just walked away...I told him he should have told them he has magical powers in those brows!

10.  My oldest is running for Jr. class president.  Elections are on Friday.  Can I vote?  For the record I think he would be an EXCELLENT president...He thinks the girl will win...we shall see...

11. And my biggest accomplishment (not really) I now know that Tripartite means "to divide or consisting of 3 parts"  or "3 parties" or "divide into 3 parts".

12. That would be my biggest accomplishment because I still haven't answered the question "How can understanding the tripartite nature of written material contribute to the evaluation of sources?"

13.  My husband is in the kitchen dressed for work, tie and all, making cream of wheat for the family...I love that man!

14.  Can't end on 13, that's bad luck right?  Have a great day!


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