Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

This is Martha Stewart's cupcake. It was my inspiration....

This is my cupcake....Why does it look like a first graders project???
I didn't plan far enough ahead as usual and couldn't find red/white/blue cupcake wrappers so I went with white. I had some serious trouble with the stars! How does Martha make everything look so perfect? Oh well, they were yummy!

And yummy is the point! I give credit to Martha once again for pie crust. This is my pie and it doesn't look like a first graders it looks gorgeous. I love Martha's receipe for crust. So easy!

Enough advertising for Martha! We had a lovely 4th of July this year. We began by racing around trying to get everything done by 1:30 for our 7pm party because I had forgotten we had a 4 wedding to attend! Thanks to team Fry we were able to accomplish all that was needed and attend a lovely outdoor wedding!

We had way too much food! I'll have to diet from now until Thanksgiving...

I love this! Found this baby at Costco and its just so pretty and functional!

I pulled the tripod out and messed around with my exposure and got some cool shots

I wish I had gotten all the kids to do it a once. Maybe we could have spelled out Happy 4th!

The mess....why is there always a mess after fun has been had??

Very thankful for no missing fingers or toes....

As we sat around the fire last night watching the firework display our children and husbands were putting on I felt so thankful for great friends. Not only the friends that joined us last night but all my friends. Friends are such a wonderful thing!

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